Keep Your Pet Looking His Or Her Best

Pet grooming is an effective way to keep your furry friend looking fantastic.  We offer a number of grooming services for both dogs and cats to make them look absolutely stunning.  All of the groomers at Woodford Veterinary Clinic Kennel can provide you with a full range of services that your dog or cat is certain to enjoy.


Our groomer will carefully select the perfect shampoo for your pup that will work best for its skin and fur.  Conditioner is applied, and we will then blow-dry your dog clean. We can trim or cut your dog’s nails if you want, and we can even offer your pooch a haircut. Ask about all the services we offer as part of our dog grooming and cat grooming services.  We also offer boarding in case your pet needs a place to stay for a little while.

Keep Your Pet’s Coat Shiny And Healthy

Cats may lick themselves regularly, but that is not enough to keep them thoroughly clean. You should be able to tell if your kitty needs a professional bathing if you see a lot of stray hairs around the house or if your cat regularly coughs up hairballs. If cats are not routinely bathed, their fur can become oily and greasy, which results in a very unkempt appearance. To give your cat’s coat the shine it should have, bring your feline in to us right away.

Call (859) 873-1595 today to set up an appointment or submit the form below to request a reservation for your pets stay!

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