Dog Boarding

VCA Woodford boarding and grooming  in Versailles is dedicated to providing a dog boarding experience for your pooch that is top-quality. We offer climate-controlled indoor suites. All of our canine guests have a suite with a raised cot and a run area in the back. There are plenty of double and triple suites to accommodate multiple guests from the same household. At times, boarding your pet can be a very hard thing for both the owner and the pet. However, our staff works hard to make their stay as comfortable as we can. After all, these pets are your family!


Check out our Doggy Day Care too. We find that if your dog hasn’t been boarded before that having them visit with us for a few days of day care really makes a big difference! Our dogs are just like our kids and the more they come and go from a facility the better they do.

Playtime, Potty Breaks & TLC

Additional services include playtime, potty breaks and even TLC time. Many guests enjoy special treats during the holidays such as our “Thanksgiving Dinner”, Frosty Paw Treats, and even “Christmas Dinner”. All runs have food and water bowls, but if your pet needs something special, feel free to bring it in. Hill’s Science Diet food is available on-site, but we recommend bringing your pet’s food to prevent any upset tummies as they change their routine and environment. We also provide bedding, but we always welcome items from home.


If needed, we can administer medication twice a day. However, we do not do any injectable medication. Proof of rabies, distemper/parvo and bordetella (kennel cough), and canine influenza vaccinations are required.  Dogs must be current on vaccinations at least 48 hours prior to check-in.

Cat Boarding

VCA Woodford boarding and grooming offers cat boarding in Versailles, so your feline friend has a relaxing environment to be in while you are out of town. All of our cat suites are indoor and climate-controlled, and we offer playtime for our feline guests in our playroom featuring toys and tunnels. Our goal is to make your cat as comfortable as possible.


Please keep in mind that we do have litter boxes and bedding but always welcome items from home that may help your cat’s acclamation. Although we offer Hill’s Science Diet food, we recommend that you bring your cat’s food. Most cats do not do well with switching diets!


At Woodford, we administer medication twice a day if needed; however, we do not do any injectable medications. You are required to bring proof of rabies and feline distemper vaccinations.  Cats must be current on vaccinations at least 48 hours prior to check-in.  We work hard to make sure all your cat’s needs are met.


Leaving your feline at a friend’s house can also be difficult. Many cats have trouble adjusting to a new environment, so they may hide or run away while at a different home. The suites we offer provide a more secure setting for your feline.

Call (859) 873-1595 today to set up an appointment or submit the form below to request a reservation for your pets stay!

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